Past Events

Community Lawn Care

  • Selfless Volunteers took to the community to mow, weedwhack, and rake the lawns of community homes.                          

Community Carwash

  • Selfless Saturdays partnered with Bob Evans of Owosso to host a free carwash for it’s guests. Families came in to enjoy a meal together and left in a freshly washed car.

Sproutside Celebration

  • Selfless Saturdays joined the Flint Children’s Museum to host an event welcoming summer to the city of Flint. Children enjoyed various activites such as facepainting, giant bubble blowing, and a water balloon fight.

Spending Time with Seniors

  • Sean McGlothin coordinated a “bowling with seniors” event with Sterling House of Davison. Selfless Volunteers enjoyed socializing, bowling, and putting together a complex jigsaw puzzle with senior citizens.

Mount Morris Homecoming Parade

  • With all of our volunteers busy at work, we were not able to take pictures at this event. Selfless Saturdays supported the city of Mount Morris and it’s high school football team as we walked in the parade holding this banner (created by our dear artistic friend Sara Phillips):

Flint Zombie Walk

  • Amy Young led us on our shuffle through downtown Flint dressed up like brain-chomping zombies! Proceeds benefited the Michigan School for the Deaf.

Random Raking

  • Nick Price led a small crew of volunteers through the Kearsley area to rake the yards of random houses.

Blood Drive

  • Trina Young led an effort to donate blood at Kettering University’s blood drive. Five volunteers were able to donate, helping to restock the supply of the Red Cross.

Christmas Adoptions

  • Selfless Saturdays adopted five foster girls from Whaley’s Children Center, purchasing gifts and necessities to brighten their holiday.

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